Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NDP performance

It was amazing... Our Guitar Club actually won third placing for "jazz up Singapore"! We invested little time, but i'd say much effort. It was a miracle and also a blessing from God. =P i remember the night before i was reading the "Desire of Ages" and it was about having the courage and high aim that is to bring glory to God. Honestly, i was totally inspired by these words and i decided that whatever the outcome of the performance may be, i'll give the glory to God. I was really quite determined when i was at it. However, the next day, after the emotion high of receiving $50 and cute pink slippers for prizes. i totally forgot about my promised to God.


Quite disappointing. okay, so now, here i'll like to tell everyone " mou2 shi4 zai4 ren2, chen2 shi4 zai4 tian1". (translation: Men may prepare for success, but accomplishment of the success lies in God's hands)

I guess guitar club has been taking the right attitude and God has decided to give us this award.

Thank God.

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