Tuesday, September 06, 2005

EXAMS: is it really such a scary thing?

I think the exam stress is getting on everyone's nerves... the pressure is making people more impatient, less courteous, more irritable, less thoughtful, more insecure and less compromising.

Is exams really a good thing? The instinctive answers would be a long and wailing " NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" but to come and think of it.. the sense of urgency and accountablilty for your actions forces and moulds each and everyone of us to become responsible, disciplined and thinking individuals. Without exams or the right parental guidence, we all would become lazy and slothful people creating a sluggish society. How horrid to be in such a place!

Moreover, working hard for something and getting result would not only give us a sense of achievement, it will also help us to be more confident and bold individuals. This sense of well-being is something education blesses the educated with. If you're a full-time student, what else should we be doing other then to study and learn?

opps! Time for lunch!


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