Thursday, September 21, 2006

Essentials to being a Christian - Being Meek when ANTAGONISED!

OKAY GUYS, this is easy to say and read, but to actually do it once. ie. to keep your cool, hold ur indignation and carry out the following in bold is no easy task. It'll get easier over time (hopefully).

BUT HEY, whoever has done it, CAN TELL ME. I'll have alot of respect for you. =)

[one way to get into Karen's good books!]

Far-reaching Effects of Influence

We may never know until the judgment the influence of a kind, considerate
course of action to the inconsistent, the unreasonable, and unworthy.

( How to turn the other cheek and why)

If after a course of provocation and injustice on their part, you treat them as you would an innocent person, you even take pains to show them special acts of kindness, then you have acted the part of a Christian; and they become surprised and ashamed,
and see their course of action and meanness more clearly than if you plainly
stated their aggravated acts to rebuke them

Ps. Remember to pray for Strength!

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