Saturday, November 25, 2006

LIBERATION - Mosquitoes don't wanna drink virus infected blood

I feel Bulimic.

After eating, I puke my food out.

This first time I vomited was when I was just a kid. After a full meal of durians, my aunties tested the strength of my will. They offered me nice smelling LOBSTER CRACKERS the size of MY thumb. (What a amazingly small piece!) Yet, a few hours later my tummy churned and i vomited my dinner, breakfast and lunch onto the floor, leaving a trail of puke all the way from the main gate to the toilet. I could almost hear the voice of God thundering, " You shall not eat unclean meat". ( Leviticus 11)
At least i didn't digest the lobster cracker.

The SECOND TIME was last night. Man, my hands and feet were freezing cold but my body is like an oven. I continuously rubbed my feet together and put my hands on my abnormally warm neck. It was terrible. Imagine doing that for two hours, till finally I decided to take Paracetamol ( A Drug!!!). That was when i puked and puked and puked till my tummy seems sunken in. I remember the bio lessons. Puke has a very disgusting taste because of the Concentrated hydrochloric acid. Well, the vomit exited through three entrances. My nostrils burned.

Last night I had a fitful night. I slept about three hours and my fever went down. I thought i was fine by morning but apparently my stomach starts expelling whatever I put in it. I think i'm going to grow so thin that i'll disappear.

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jeffrey said...

dont worry karen! with us guitar folks ard, we'll amke sure u dont disappear without us knowing!