Tuesday, January 02, 2007



i just finished cutting tree branches and weeding. Tiring!! but FUN!
today, Dr lee's wife talked to us about HOW NATURE CAN BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD. like an environment for meditation on God's word. She said that she's going to tell us
1. how agriculture is the ABC of education.
2. how agriculture is CHARACTER BUILDING.

interesting. i wonder how she's going to prove herself. =)
Today i realized that David fam uses 2 king 5 to prove a lot of things about MEDICAL MISSIONARY. like how we must be humble (how Elijah humbled captain naaman.) how we should not be greedy, near the end of the chapter. how we should be like essentially. I feel that David draws parallels with Prophet Elijah and his school as himself and aenon. HAHA.

Today i spoke with David fam's sister. she was asking about my future course, in uni.
apparently everyone knows i just took my A levels. I told her wad i told you about how adults have no time to do God's work cos they're too busy working. she said its a very crucial time now for me as i'm going to make very important decisions in my life.
Basically, she said that we cannot serve God and Mammon. Once we decide to earn all the money we need first and then serve God later. Often people end up not serving God at all! She said that people who give their lives to God often are poor but they have everything they need as God will take care of them. Hardship will be undergone but it's a part of refining one's character.

May be she's trying to get me to study in Aenon full time i dunno. but what i took out of it is that if i were to choose a future career for myself, it has to be one where i will serve God through it 100% as well. She said w/o God as your main focus. Life will become really empty and it will be hard to be contented.

ps. Please pray that i'll be able to find my llife's purpose during the time i'm in AENON.


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