Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What color is your parachute?

Hi my dearest friends!

Wow its been long since i've updated.
I just went through a VERY BUSY AYC and now there sooo much work to be done for God still!!!

The latest and most eventful update in my life thus far is that i just answered an altar call to give my life for His full time ministry. I don't know where or how i'll serve Him with 100% of my time and energies but i have the heart to do so. I know that this calling is really God's purpose for me because the words the speaker used in his appeal was the words that i have been uttering to many various people i was seeking counsel during my quest for God's purpose in my life. The speaker spoke the sentiments of my heart and cenverted it to a call. I NEVER KNEW GOD COULD BE SO REAL! (btw this is very brief you can ask me personally i'll be very glad to tell you about it.)

Also, i just did an exercise in the book "what color is your parachute?" and its about "what is my best transferable skill"

This is what i ended up with.
what is my best/favourite transferable skill
Top five
1. communicating well in conversation, in person or on the phone
2. initiating, starting up, founding, or establishing
3. teaching, training or designing educational events
4. persuading, motivation, recruiting or selling to individuals
5. Advising, coaching, counselling, mentoring, empowering
So these are the skills that i love to use. i wonder what occupation i'll end up in.

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