Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am weak but thou art strong.

Its a long journey to the end of my studies.
Ideals ideals ideals. Things have their way.

I'm on the road to self-discovery and i'm realizing my fragility and reliance.
i need God and Jesus to give me what I need.

I am sinful and needy. I am nothing without God.
Sometimes i lose sight of God and begin to see myself as i really am.
Dependant. Weak. Insecure. Full of defects.

Busyness steals away time from God.
I need the connection. I need assurance. I need to claim the promises of God.

Dear God.

i am helpless and weak. If I can't draw close to you, please draw near to me.
I want to be your faithful servant. Don't let me stray from you.
Do anything. Do everything, even things that I wouldn't like at that moment,
Just make sure I am faithful and loyal to you all my life.
Listen to this prayer and please ignore any other contrary prayers that I may make.
I want to be yours and yours alone. I want to follow every word you say.
i want to live the life you want me to live, the way you want me to live it.
Jesus, please take over. I submit my everything to you.
Once more till forevermore.

In Jesus name

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