Friday, November 18, 2011

Conflicted. Fearful.

Those are the two words that describe my emotions. Now, preparing for sabbath school I just can't focus on the message. All the KJV just glides pass my troubled mind.

Does God limit my life or does God enrich it?

What has be given me? What can I return to Him?

Where has my first love gone? Where is my passion to serve Him?

On one hand, I wanna live the fairytale dream of serving God in unknown lands and trusting in Him. On the other hand, there is this fear that I'm just building castles in the air and that very soon my bubble will be burst and I'll come to realise that I'm at a dead end.

Do you think God will really take care of everything? Do you think that He will equipped the called really?

Where has my faith gone?

Is it shaken and destroyed?

Where has my faith gone?

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