Monday, June 14, 2004

What is love like?

A Chiobu fren of mine, smsed me last night.

Its was rather late in the night and I was tired of sleeping. You know the kind of feeling "Aww... Man... It's time to sleep again~" Don't you every feel that way? So, willfully, I dragged all my pillow and bolster out to the hall and threw them on the couch. Yes, tonight I am going to sleep on the couch. It was all cozy and nice, my couch being stuffed with goose feathers and rusty red in cooler (close to my favourite colour PINK). The night-time breeze sweeping at my hair hanging from the couch and kissing my cheeks as it brushes by. The distant
hum of Bus 56(or 105 or 232)floated to my ears, followed by a quietness disturbed only by the rustle of the leaves. This feeling?


Back to the SMS, It's just one line though. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the strong blue light from my 8250.
From: Chio Bu

"What is Love like?" It wrote.

Wow, what am I supposed to say? Never have I been given such an open ended question. Actually, it's a pretty question in a pretty setting. I mused to myself. Then I replied,

" Love is like the morning sunshine that fills up the darkness.
The Nighttime breeze that soothes our spirits.
The warm fuzzy feeling when someone gives you a kiss.


Love is also like the troubled sea with gushing waves and white foam splashing.
The constant patter of rain on your windows.
A blackout in the night.
An eclipse of the sun. "

She didn't reply after that, perhaps she was already asleep. Perhaps, she's musing to herself too, about the question,

"What is love like?"

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