Saturday, August 21, 2004


erms, dearest Blog... i'm having a identity crisis now... perhaps it comes with growing up... but i'm not too sure of it... what am i doing all the things i do for? *head whirls* Many things have become routine i guess... where's the passion? is studying on and on draining my life away? but i have to study... i hope get this period over... even studying i need some passion!!! Everyone!!! movtivate me!!!! i feel dead beat.. ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... maybe i'm juz tired... juz came back from macritchi (shannon said i spell macritchi wrongly) and too tired so no mood fer anything at all... let mi try writing something...

Karen is a average sixteen year old
She has alot of energy but is often thought overenthusiastic
Cold water has been so often poured on her fire
Yet it takes only a spark to her her fire up again
but very soon water is poured on her again.
Oh it feels cold, oh so cold.

Karen is an origami paper waiting to be folded
you can either crush it or make it oh so magically beautiful
yet it's so frail all that is on the earth
paper tear, smiles quickly dissapear, flowers loses its colour
yet the only thing that ever lasts here is relationships
why do you pursue anything other that that?
but if you have all but one relationship,
all will go to waste anyway.

I love you Daddy.
I love you Mummy.
I love you Kor Kor.
I love you Constance.
I love you Michelle.
I love you Grandma.

Some of you i see daily, some i don't. but you are the people that i think about and will miss all the time, alwayz...

You people have given me sooo much and made me the people i am today. Yes Constance and Michelle, you too...

I wouldn't be this blessed if God hadn't allow all of you to walk into my life. You are here to stay!

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