Sunday, August 29, 2004

There's nothing more important than God. There nothing as important as Family. There's nothing better than friends.

Hie everyone! i have to tell all of you how great my Brother is.

I just came back from a Super fun excursion to the Science Centre on Friday. There learnt a great deal about Genetic engineering and we created our very own Glow-in-the-dark Bacteria!! Just tell me how cool is that?! (say: WAY COOL!!)

Over dinner, my brother asked me about school and i started going on and on about the excursion. (If you know Karen, she will blather on about stuff when she's excited. ) So i told him, "Oh! we made bacteria glow in the dark and i spoke to the lecturer and she told me about her job and what she studies to become what she is now and it was so fun you know? after that we ran about and science centre and crawled under stuff and over stuff in the science centre playground. *sucks in a deep breath of sir* yep!" He then smile at me in that loving manner, and asked me "so what are the different types of genetic engineering?" and i was like "err..." haha... i couldn't answer him.

So he said, "ookay, first you tell me generally what genetic engineering is about, then you zero in on one topic and expand what you have to say from there." ooOkay.. so i tried, "Okay, today i went to the science centre for an excursion. We learnt about the Structure of a DNA, the history of how DNA was discovered, how to perform a genetic engineering experiment and the successes of genetic engineering..." From there, i told him to every single detail about what i learnt and in fact it was so detailed, i guess he would have known how to conduct the experiment if he went to the Lab by himself.

He was so amazed and he told me that he "never knew all these" and he thanked me for telling him all these. After that, he told my parents that he never knew so much about genetic engineering before i had told him and that what i said benefitted him alot.

Wow. He makes me feel so important and so appreciated. It makes me feel that whatever i said matters alot to him and that it had made a difference to him. I makes mi feel that he cares for every single detail of my life (he never once looked bored when i spoke.)It surely boosted my confidence in myself about 100 times more and i feel soooo loved!

Oh Darling my favourite Brother! I LOVE YOU! You're my shinning example!!! *Muacks*

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