Saturday, August 07, 2004

What's so great about God anyway?

Today i went for this motivational talk about giving your life totally to the service to God and balancing studies and God. The speaker was very practical and many of the things he said touched my heart truely deep. i didn't cry, but it set me thinking...

Since the time i gave my life to Christ i have been experience real learning and real communion with him. i learnt alot of life skills by day to day experiences and praying. it got real close to God at the same time.

however today, i saw one of a irregular born SDA in our church. She isn't much older than i am and she's doing mighty fine without a relationship with God. I asked her what time she came for service and the time she told me was about the time service ends.hmm... i was wondering why she came. she brought her bf too but barely stays in church for long. she asked my own youth which is already half a foot out whether he wanted to go to this club first then the other. aahhmmm... i was wondering if she likes church or club better. 'cause these two things seem the opposite contrast to each other...

i imagine myself in the club dancing singing laughing talking... all pretty and so full of myself. That doesn't seem to bad... if God hasn't touched my life through major influences in my early years, that's what i'll be doing. however i wonder, if ever i immersed myself in that kind of life, will i ever get out. would i ever find God? would i even what to find God? if i grew and entered into that kind of community, would church life and God appeal to me at all? perhaps i would be thinking to myself then, that i'll party my nights and youth away until i am all dried out i can find some peaceful years in the church.

When i ask the irregular born SDA to go for the Dr chew's talk, the impression that she gave me was
"Why would i want to use up precious time going for boring talks, talking to people about alien values that i can't apply and with which i don't see the need to apply"

i guess if i was in her shoes i will be thinking the same way... i guess...

If then the whole world is like that, will there onli be elderlys in the church at the end? after they have spent their youth away on personal pleasures they come back to the father? (like the prodigal son?) God will still accept them then anyway right? Tat's a promise from God...

Does that mean that all no matter how hard we try to bring back all the lost young sheeps we can never be victorious? i mean, what is it in a church that will give them a desire for God?

True friendship? Love? I dunnoes... sometimes we don't even see these two elements in church much anymore.

Tell you a secret... Love is what converted me.

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