Sunday, November 07, 2004


A year older you are,
but i think just as far.
Our thinking on par.
An understanding we've barred
away from prying eyes
and from much vice we survive.
Keeping ourselves from falling
into the deep trap of adolescent love,
we achieve a support and fearlessness
of life's overwhelming challenges,
Full of temptations and deceptions,
by searching into each other's eyes,
to find that shinning light
to tell us we did right
or that we're fingering life's dice.
I know that you line is always open in the night,
to help me through the blight,
to make the wrongs right.
But I know I only have to search inside,
to find that fight
and woman's might
that i have in me.
I just need someone to show me.
Someone to set me free...

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