Saturday, November 13, 2004

Jesus Big Jigsaw Puzzle

Every puzzle that is pieced together starts from a single piece.
As you try to fix it together,
no matter whether your puzzle is simple
or made up of million pieces,
Any piece that you pick up will meet some misfits.
But do not be disheartened
'cause you know in your heart that the creator
of this puzzle has planned it such that every piece fits somewhere.
No matter how unique or queer that piece of the puzzle might seem,
if you look at it alone,
you know deep down that that piece you hold in your hand,
is part of a very big and beautiful picture
that only it's maker can imagine.
Only when the puzzle is complete, can you see the importance of every piece,
and how every piece makes a difference.
Keep strong!
You BRATZ each and everyone of you is a piece in the big jigsaw puzzle of God.
Make an effort to cherish your fellowe brothers and sisters in christ.
Every single one of you matters.
Every single one of you is loved.
A puzzle can only be beautiful if it's complete.

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