Tuesday, February 22, 2005

And like Icarus I collide...

Well, Today was really quite a memorable day for me. (for numerous reasons)

I was back at a sport that used to be how I spent my afternoons in primary school. It was really quite simple really. My class were playing a game of netball and I as playing GS (goal shooter - not that I can really shoot. Anyway.) I think it must be my size or I seriously don't know what, I keep getting knocked over. nono. Maybe pushed over. Actually, RUN OVER by people. I has to be the fact that I'm playing GS or real bad luck, that I keep getting in the way of Larger creatures (my defenders). Well, picture this, a deer with the ball between its legs and an elephant charging for the ball. What do you think will happen next? Deer me, I ended up falling down soooo many times (how many? Count the number of "0"s) and got two abrasions on my left elbow and a scraped knee. I felt like a wounded animal... BUT this didn't get me down. The game was too exciting!! The Superbly Agile Hanxiang, Strong and Powerful Derek, Sturdy yet Fast Dennis and, brilliant and Dependable Alaric kept the ball coming. Not until...

WHAM!! Out of nowhere, what felt like a rhinoceros came crashing down upon me. I came down hard on the ground. The impact hit me like asteroid and I was totally stunned/shocked/paralyzed. I was so scared!!! Then, I didn't know why, I started crying like a baby!!! Thank goodness, I had my hands to protect my head and to cover my tear-stained face. Mr elephant and Mr Rhino was really apologetic after that, but I was still trembling from the aftershock and only managed a weak smile later on.

This experienced taught me much about life. The Netball game is life. As you are trying to reach your goals, there are some people along the way that will be there to help you achieve them while others are there to stop you. Those who are there to stop you, may even hurt you in the process of preventing you from reaching your goals. However, you should never let these people aka obstacles get you down. Although you may be wounded and hurting, you must always, always gather courage and move on. The people that are in your team have their own positions to play in the netball game (own reponsibilities in life), they cannot take your place neither can they stop you from getting hurt. However, this is not something to be sad about, because we are dependent on each other and we know we need each other (moral support). Moreover, failure and mistakes help us to learn and grow. The responsibility we have towards each other and to yourself keeps you going and the sense of satisfaction after reaping the toil of your own efforts cannot be paralleled.

I have to say this, oww... My butt hurts. I think I've two orr cheah on it.

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