Thursday, February 17, 2005

Karen? yes that's me.

well, i guess i should type something here... well, i've been busy wif school and the new envt and stuff lately that i hardly can breathe.. but things are getting settled down now. =P i just wish my days will be juz a little more fun filled... but well, it's quite hard to have many fun filled days when most of your time is organised by the school. Rarely anytime that i can waste doing things for pure leisure.

i wish, i juz wish tht i dun have chinese test tomorrow and that i can juz download all those squiggly lines into my brain and Ace the test tomorrow. OBVIOUSLY, i'm not in da matrix and can't do that. Moreover it's Ten now, i NEED to sleep now. To those who aren't in my immediately family, you would not know that if i sleep any later than Ten sharp i would have my energy level realli low da next da and have a perpetual headache that next day. that's totally unfair!!!

i think i juz ran out of things to say.
oh well, i think this is why i don't blog that often. *sigh*

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