Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hmm, ever wondered...

Well, hie i'm back again..
Hey you know, ever wondered if our money can become so "BIG" that we can buy chicken rice with 10 cents? (not the chicken rice your mom cooks la). That's how cool... then we onli need to bring like a dollar coin to orchard for your meals. 15 otah for ten cent? one for one cent each? Or when we change currency, it'll be like 50 Sing dollars for like 500 ringget?

Coz since the Intergrated Resort is going to be set up, Singapore's going to become a really cool and rich country. So there's a possibility that our money can get "BIG" to that extreme.

I dunno, perhaps some rule in economics goes against my theory. Oh well, my imagination runs hysterically again.

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