Thursday, May 05, 2005

i'm going to blog more frequently now

Cos i FEEL like it.. haha.. well, it seems to me that i more of less is having lotsa fun in school and church and all... but having fun isn't all just that simple.. to truely enjoy yourself you've to know how to prioritise and manage your time properly so that you would be carried away in the moment so much that you forget many other important things.. like, walking around toa payoh with my dearie daddy or cooking maggi noodles for my irritating brother (even tho i wonder how i can forget that since he'll probably be pestering me about it. ) but well, you get the idea..

'cause if you move with the tide of fun before you know it the current would have swept you away too too quickly and you realise that you've been neglecting the details that makes everything all so special.. Real peace and happiness is doing things that you like to do and enjoying every moment of it at the same time WITHOUT neglecting your responsibilities.. so what am i saying? We have to balance Fun, play and enjoyment.

opps! We've to balance Fun, Our Family and Our duties.

Speaking about duties... i've tonnes of them now... all by the name of HOMEWORK!!!

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