Thursday, September 08, 2005


Nowadays taking neoprints are so fun! Yesterday after the guitar club lunch gathering, Jia Ying, cherie, Ben, jia hong and I went to heeren to "Pai Neo Print"! THe JApanese Character Options totaly stunned us! Before we know it, there were cute jap figurines dancing around the screen to a funky Jap song (like MTV) and at appropriaet intervals of the song, the screen shows "3-2-1 chicheeek!" and our totally bemused and stunned faces were caught!

More amazingly, after every picture, the machine will automatically throw down a different background colour. Poor ben, who's standing at the back has become victim of the declining background sheet. He was caught on camera peeping from under the background sheet. It was hilarious but accidents do happen and we didn't manage to choose that picture to be printed in time.. (lifetime regret!)

Anyways, if you wanna know more about the Smashing Guitar CLub out we had, Navigate to and go to the various links there. I'm sure everyone would have their own version of the outing.. (Winks!)

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