Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i'm back!

I have to give three cheers to those people who still visit my blog man.. you can see them on my tag board.. haha.. honestly, nowadays i've hardly had time to come to a contemplative mode suitable for blogging periods.. life's been so busy wif life.. church, club, school, friends and everything..

Before you judge, i have to justify. I feel blogging is secondary compared to spending time with people.. so there you have it, blogging is rather low ranking on my to-do list... but hell, why did i set up a blog for then? So whenever you see a post, means Karen's quite free today.

Well, i feel a blog has a great ability to influence people and the way they feel about you. I also has a way of influencing the way readers view others and issues. Juz like a newspaper, but more tabloid and less accountability.that's why you have to watch what you say... oh well, but you know some people just don't bother about that..

hmm... derrick hoi's gonna teach on philosopy next year for GP.. it'll be fun! honestly, School's smashing nowadays.. i love it!

hmm.. i juz ran out of things to say, which happens rarely.. but i'll so distracted by all the popping screens and blinking colours on the screen i find it hard to concentrate blogging... don't you all have this problem too? I miss my frens, nvm.. it's time to catch up, now that exams are over!!! hehehe... Let's party!

Ps. actually i dun understand why people would bother to read my mindless chatter.. I think i'll have to improve the quality of my post la.

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