Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I just realised that I am not found wanting in anything. I feel very happy that I am happy and I am glad that I am glad.

Well, i feel there are some factors that lead to my happiness.
  1. I try to do things to make God happy
  2. I have no major crisis to face.
  3. I try do things that will make everyone happy

so hence I am happy.

I realised all these three factors will make me happy, because when God is happy with me, He'll bless me with things that will make me happy. Also, because there is no problem too big that will make me unhappy. Period. Plus, when i try to do things that makes everyone happy, everyone's happy. When everyone's happy, I am happy. There you go..

Since I am so happy with myself, there should not be anything to be sad about. These few days, I start to have a feeling quite peculiar. A feeling that I never was so acutely aware of before. I think they call it, empathy. I got so particularly sad when i see people upset about results that i feel like crying. My heart has this heavy feeling when i think someone is feeling hurt. I also feel totally happy when I see people happy, but being already happy myself it's quite hard to be more happy than I already am.

Life for me, being so smooth and nice, gives me a warning. As a saying goes, life on this earth for God's people is never smooth, for this world is not a place where we belong. So i have to reflect on whether the devil has gotten any hold on me. For if he already has my heart in his hands, he would not need to come on soo strongly to shake me from my path towards heaven. Consequently, life will seems nice and happy for me. On the other hand, it may be that God being so powerful and caring toward his children is currently blessing me with full force. That's why i can feel so happy about everything. heehee... I think it's the second one..

anyway, i'd better go now... there's revival meetings every night at balestier this week. Take care everyone!

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