Monday, November 21, 2005


There's a great advantage in being consistent. Consistence in behavior, consistence in values, consistence in speech and consistence is attitude.

Being consistent in your behaviour actually assures another that the person they are with now is actually who he is and not someone else. Some people are two-faced. They behave differently with different groups of people. For example, these people feel a need to behave in a manner that is most appreciated in that group and hence change their usual mode of behavior. I am sure many of us have encountered situations which causes us to feel a need to speak or perhaps walk in a certain way to please others. Perhaps you have not, or just maybe you were not aware of it. I noticed that this can be because of discontentment with what is characteristic of yourself or even feelings of inadequacy. Not to worry, i as a teenager often meet with such situations for identity crisis often strikes a person such as i. However, i have seen much value in being consistent in behavior. Ever took the time to notice the people closest to you? They surely have some gestures or even the choice of word that are unique to them. Maybe it's the way they blink or change sitting position. Anything! Whenever you see those gestures or hear those often-heard words, a warm gust of familiarity hits you. You may not be aware of how consistency of a person leads to familiarity and sometimes (if that behavior is a good one) to lead to fondness of a person in your heart and mind, but give it time and it does.

However a person can also be very consistent in bad behavior. This may be due to attitude problems or for seeking attention. This kind of consistency is either creates decided disdain from some or draws people of similitude together. ( like in superhero films, the evil duo etcetra)

A noble aspect to being consistent is consistency in values. Values, of couse, is good values. ( If there is such a thing as bad values.) If a person holds certain values for himself or herself and manages to maintain these values in their person. They will not only be held in high regard and would be also become a role model for others. However, remaining firm in your values is a high calling which takes alot of self-discipline and sacrifice to maintain. This is also a reason why a person which is consistent or rooted in their value systems is often greatly respected.

Many say that the words you say often reflected what your mind thinks and what your heart feels. However if a person is not consistant in what they say. It can show that they are actually quite confused about their true feelings or they are just confused. Otherwise, if a person is not consistant in what they tell you, if can also mean that they are not telling you the truth, because liars often forget their lies. If it's the former, then it's puzzling. If it's the latter, then you should be wondering if you should believe anything the person says at all. Hence, i conclude that consistency in speech is important in getting people to understand and even listen to you.

I have to admit that this last consistancy that i will be talking about today, is the most challenging to me and i reckon to many. I am talking about the consistency in good attitude. However, a consistently suspicious attitude is not difficult to maintain in this evil world that we live in, but it is not simple task to keep a consistently good attitude toward everyone and all the time. For many a times, attitude towards a person or a situation is greatly influenced by mood or state of mind. Attitude towards people is more complicated, as prejudice of your own, or even gossips, often has a sure footing. You may decide to hold the I-will-give-everyone-a-chance attitude but preconceived ideas and tides personal likes and dislikes can come is varying currents, swaying your attitude toward certain people to different degrees. I am sure it is justifiable for people to actually have different attitudes towards different people for it is like a action-reaction concept. For example, a tactful and open person would cause you to reciprocate and be less on the defence, in turn your attitude towards that person would be better as compared to another person that is brash.

However, I would like to present to you a more noble idea. If a person can actually maintain a consistant goodwill to everyone regardless race, language or religion. Regardless of social status, background or looks. Regardless of any other factor, but just because he or she is a fellow human being. That would gain my uttermost respect. I would say to be able to acheive that takes self-assurance and a conscious effort. I have to confess, this noble idea is not my own but i learnt it from Someone. Heard of " love your neighbour as yourself"? This simple sentence has a wealth of teachings. Firstly, "Love" speaks of your attitude and behavior. Secondly, "as yourself" speaks of the extent of your attitude. "Your neighbour" speaks about who you are to have this attitude towards and it refers to the people around you. Everyone that you encounter. Time factor is not mentioned here, but if you "love you neighbour as yourself when you feel like it." It certainly isn't being consistent in your attitude. Acheiving this looks rather impossible, but Someone have attained it and (yes, you've guessed it!) it's our creator. You might say that God's not human and so it's easier for Him to love everyone. Well, but you've to admit that we humans are not a very lovable lot. Moreover, considering the fact that He can read our mind means that even our wicked thought he can see. Yet He still loves us all the time.

There is also much incentive to gain in being consistent in a attitude of love to everyone. That is that you will be respected and definately Be Loved by everyone or at least be liked. You will also gain many friends and good friends at that. Moreover, "love is the ony thing that can be divided and never diminished." So you will never run out of love. In fact, your capacity to love would grow as you give. Hence, your relationships and friendships will be very fulfilling.

Consistency cannot be attained overnight and is something that takes time and conscious effort to be able to actually cultivate. Just like any other quality like kindess or courtesy. But consistency is particularly tricky, as it includes a broader spectrum of factors and qualities. However, i believe that it is a goal worth working toward. Do not forget though, if you believe in God Almighty, to ask Him to help you step by step towards your goal. In that, by drawing from His strength and wisdom, it would be easier to attain consistency is these four aspects. Those who don't believe in God, the Author and Creator of all things, you can try with your effort alone. It's worth respecting and i wish you all the best at it. =)

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