Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The greatest thing on this earth is to love and be loved in return.

Even though i haven't been attached before. I have to say that i have fallen in love before. Or at least thought i have. Well, i have to say that,ultimately, there will only be one person in which you will love and be loved in return then successfull y marry. Well, if your love is unrequited. I'm sorry. For some falling in love is easy and for others it takes alot of time for it to happen. Either case, I believe God has one special person planned for everyone of us. He will reveal that person to you very evidently in His time. Now, our duty is to patiently wait and enjoy the Gift of singlehood that He has given to us.

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seiki said...

aye gal..i have problems tagging agn..urgh why me agn..sighs
anw,haha how's ur packing?i dunno wad to bring n wad not to..in fact i have no idea what to pack!lol..urgh..help!lol(= heehee...