Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ever wondered how light reflects from the moon?

Last night's moon was really pretty. Ever noticed when you look at the moon, that even though it is oppressed by the darkness around it, it has this region of illumination around it? It seems to me that the moon is very much like a Christian in this dark dark world. If you just throw a frisbee, you'll see many imperfect and weak people. Every where and everything of this world is in it deteriorated state.How then can we people regain our former strength and glory? Strength in morality and glory in character? Where is the lighthouse in which we can direct our focus and energies to? They always say, when lost at sea look for a lighthouse for that's where safety is. The only hope through these surging waters is for a glimpse of light through the dark waters. Well, now as i look all around me. It seems that there are many lost people wandering around. Including me. How will the blind lead the blind? I can only look to Jesus as my model. For He's the only perfect person i've heard about. You know, everyone looks up to someone. Some people look up to their parents as their life models. Others look to teachers, senior people or friends. But people do make mistakes and more often than not, human models do easily fall off the pedestal. So i choose Jesus as my model. My Teacher and my Father, because He never fails me, He keeps His promises, He never gets impatient or unkind, He's never anything less than perfect in wisdom and character. (to be continued..)

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