Sunday, November 06, 2005

How does the moon reflect light from the sun?

(continued..)Have you ever met someone like that? Honestly, i haven't. For i haven't met Jesus in person. I guess it takes a believing heart and a huge amount of faith to believe that someone no one you know have seen or heard exists. Well, let's just say, even if Jesus is a a fabric of someone's imagination, i would still to believe that Jesus is a real person. Why? because, without this hope and light in a gloomy world like this, how meaningless living would be! Without constantly knowing that you are loved and heard by Jesus, how easy it would be to sink in despair!Some people busy themselves with their lives so much that they do not think about what's next. Dust still returns to dust. Your possessions will become someone else's after you die. You pass away, the people around you pass away and soon you're forgotten. I guess this is the reason why kings after kings look for ways to extend life, so that using time they can enjoy and possess as much as they can, because once they die, all that they have done will soon be forgotten in time.

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