Friday, December 23, 2005

The Kampong

How was it like?
It was heaven.

Happy children all around,
harmony abound.
Friends have become family,
though we did not marry.

We all gave our might.
It was worthwhile.

We left our footprint there,
tell everyone we care.
Strangers have become sons,
City and kampong become one.

We witnessed for God.
It was real fun.

We taught and played,
all for one date.
All to meet and have similar days,
to interact in similar ways.
In heaven,
memories do not fade.

We sang and preached
to our hearts content.
All we did was be ourselves.
Made a difference
never did we know
till the love we received we received.

We were willing and we were changed.
Young hearts given to Christ,
Were moulded and shaped.
Purer and more loving, we became.

Unbreakable bonds between us,
were made.
Knowingly or unknowingly,
the experience we had,
has tied us together.
To form something no one else can share.

It is my earnest prayer.
That God will seal our hearts.
That no one can tear down,
the firm foundation God has built up.
We all cherish and remember,
the things we've gone through together.
For as often as we fart,
we will think of the jokes of Sarawak,
and sudden fondness will fill our heart.

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