Monday, March 20, 2006


I realised that the reason i hardly blog, is that whenever i think of something to blog about, i always have second thoughts about it. More often than not, i decide not to blog because I'm afraid of the ill-effects that my words can have or the fact that it may affect the people around me. So, only when i think of something that is totally undisputable, then perhaps you'll see it in this space.

Considering how desolated my blog has become and how terrible my GP grades are becoming, i have decided to blog regularly on current affairs. Obviously i will attempt to sound intelligent, but i have to admit that i do not really know anything significant to begin with. Nevertheless, i will open my views to the mockery of others. Maybe after (or midst) this project, i'll put more personal yet still morally sensitive posts online.

Hopely as i write my blather online, i can write more sensible and matured essays in the future.

Hence, friends of mine who are so full of faith that i'll post. Thank you so much for always dropping by.

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