Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Politics? What's that?

Today's post is going to be really short.

With the upcoming preparations for the general elections, it amazes me to see the desperation of the opposition and the measured preparation of the current political party.

Personally, i am a supporter of the PAP. I may have been influenced by propaganda, but in my view, the PAP has done a good job in governing a country. Their parenting-style of government may have produced a new generation of laid-back group of young people and often critisized, dependent people without much opinion. However, noticed that this characteristic is a result of a well-assured people who trust the government to handle matters of the country. With this knowledge, it takes great pride for me to say that the welfare of a vast majority of Singaporeans is so well taken care of that the result is so marked.

To those people who look upon my words with disdain and feel strongly that all people should have a more significant concern with local politics, perhaps you are right. As people, we ought to be more aware of the things that are going around you and especially those that concern you. This problem is not a significant one, for when these young people take part in their first voting session (hopefully there's one) they will feel more involved and pay more attention to the political situation in Singapore.

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