Thursday, March 23, 2006

Homosexuality becoming popular?

I never imagined that anyone could enjoy watching homosexuals in play. Even subtly. However, I was surprised to know that the mainstream movie from South Korea, "The King and the Clown" became the biggest hit film in Korean history (12 million out of the 47million in S. Korea watched this movie). This film features homosexual characters that urges it's viewers to put the show ahead of sexual politics.

From the very response of the viewership of the movie, it is evident that the people in S. Korea whose culture and history is comparatively conservative, are becoming increasingly open to concepts that deviate from traditional values. This advancement may be applauded as this shows that the people have an interest in evolving values and are more aware of homosexuality.

However, it must be noted that this may cause slide effect as youths who have yet to be exposed to this new form of sexuality may get confused with their gender roles. For continuous exposure to anything may cause people to deem that which is anomalous to be the norm. Parents who are not well equiped to cope with this new concept may not be able to guide their impressionable youths appropriately. As they too is estranged from the concept of homosexuality.

Hence, youths and new generation adults may embrace this concept and cause an erosion of traditional family units. For as Eve was entranced by strange yet enticing forbidden fruit, a foreign alternative to normal relationship structure would be the focus of much curiosity.

In my personal point of view, i feel that the climax of a relationship is indeed marriage and procreation. Hence, simply judging by the fact that homosexuals are unable to naturally enjoy this priviledge, they are just not meant for each other. Hence, on the grounds that disappointment in this area is evident and the general disapproval by society toward homosexuals are widespread, i feel that unnessary pain and tribulation would be apprehended. Therefore, society should match the exposure of the public to homosexuality with equivalent education in this issue as well.

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