Sunday, April 02, 2006

China's new stance

The direction that the political leaders are taking or trying to take is somewhat surprising. It would occur to many the motives behind China's radical swerve from communism to confucianism. Is the leaders in China really trying to imbue the teachings of confucius to fill up the moral vacuum or is there an ulterior motive? I would be noteworthy that not only does the teachings of confucius advocate high moral standards, it also comprises of teachings such as obedience to authority. China, renowned for rampant corruption in the government, it would further prove my case that this new approach taken by the government is highly suspected to be for personal gain.

In addition, it is easy to doubt the ability of the government to propagate their cause. Confucianism, as all other religions, are afterall working with matters of beliefs and values. It is undoubtly that the government may have an overall influence over the people, however, the extent of their influence may be questionable since beliefs and values often vary greatly or subtly from person to person. Moveover, in my personal opinion, i feel that the leaders of China should begin implementing the teachings of confucius through leading by example. Perhaps, they can start by remedying "pervasive official corruption" which "Confucius famously warned, delegitimizes rulers.".

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