Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Daily the whole world receives blessing from God. Every drop of rain, every
ray of light shed on our unthankful race, every leaf and flower and fruit,
testifies to God's long forbearance and His great love.

And what returns are made to the great Giver? How are men treating the
claims of God? To whom are the masses of mankind giving the service of their
lives? They are serving mammon. Wealth, position, pleasure in the world, is
their aim. Wealth is gained by robbery, not of man only, but of God. Men are
using His gifts to gratify their selfishness. Everything they can grasp
made to minister to their greed and their love to selfish pleasure.

The sin of the world today is the sin that brought destruction upon Israel.
Ingratitude to God, the neglect of opportunities and blessings, the selfish
appropriation of God's gifts-these were comprised in the sin that brought
upon Israel. They are bringing ruin upon the world

Christ Object Lessons, Page 130

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