Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christianity in ACTION

Here is Aenon, is where i learnt what i means to be patient and caring.

There other day i was trying to convince my Father that we as christians can become perfect with the help of God. Though he helped me to see that theoretically (biblically), we are able to become perfect but practically, we aren't able to determine if we're perfect. Tough to understand? The key sentence he said was that, "how do you know if you're perfect? You've never experienced perfection, hence even if you've attained perfection, you wouldn't know that you have because you don't know what it means to BE PERFECT!" (Paraphrased) (if you don't get it, maybe the next few paragraphs can help you to understand.)

It suddenly dawned upon me that what my father said was right.

I will just focus on patience.

I didn't know what it means to be patient until i saw patience in action. I used to think that being patient is not complaining when someone is late for an appointment. Wait till you hear this...

Scenario 1
this person was supposed to do duty as everyone is but he keeps skiving. When brought to the task, he refused to do work and keep asking to be let off. The work supervisor got into a looking-intently-eye-to-eye mode but kept her smile. I voiced my thoughts "How can you behave in this way?"

A normal reaction for the work supervisor would be a sharp reprimandation.

Guess what she took him by the arm and brought him to do his task. when she came back, he went to skive again. She left her things and went around the whole place looking for him. brought him to his work (which was wiping window stills and then washing the cloth and repeat - but it never got to repeat before he was off) This happened three times! Wow, this LADY is patient man! Her fruit of the spirit is patience.

For me i would have lost my patience, gotten irritated and imposed on him my expection with a tart " how can you behave this way?!".
Truely, this place has people reflecting God's image.

Later i told her that she is the most patient person i have ever met in my entire 19 years of my life.

I told my mommy this incident and she said that God is also like this worksupervisor (mei Xing jie = sister beautiful star according to Zi xian). He will not scold us when we falter but always patiently come after us, like wooing us back to His side into obedience to His will.

He will never get tired or impatient.

He is my God.

(ahh! study time! Continue about "caring" another day!)

take care!

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