Tuesday, February 06, 2007


alright. i need to admit tht i'm missing you guys alreadi.

i can't wait for CNY and to spend time wif you guys. Although i'm loving my life here. i equally love you guys!

can't have the best of both worlds aye?

here in aenon, i learnt to be humble. There are many instances where i got tempted to boast about myself and what i can do. but each time i bit my tongue. i guess the Holy Spirit prompted me and warned me.

Here there are personal devotion and then group devotion where there'll be a speaker. In this time, the more spiritual adults share much wisdom about how to improve character. Group dynamics and many other personal development kindda things. Things that no textbook or self-help book can teach. =) i'm so glad i came here. here, i truely learn how to BE A PROPER PERSON.

one thing i realised is that when someone else starts boasting, your next natural reaction would be to compare with yourself and say something like "i oso can!" or "what's so great about that?!". you know the sort. well, i number of times i almost did blurt those two phrases out, but in my heart is whispered a prayer and confessed of my deceitful heart to God. and God did reward me for keeping a check of my pride.

The things i could have boasted about i didn't, i got appreciation for my small god given talent without me parading it. I'm going to be humble and meek. Truely, whatever battles that you go through in your heart. don't think that y ou're alone fighting against temptation. God sees your heart. What i unseen in this world in heaven is proclaimed.

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