Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pictures taken at Aenon!! (first month)

All these pictures were taken on Linus's camera.

A typical conversation which leads to a picture being taken is :
K:Wah so nice if we can take a picture right now.

K: (hollaring at the top of her voice) LINUS YOUR CAMERA PLEEEESE!!
We are the forest princesses!~!

This is so farnie, i wanted to let my brother see this on Kah Yee's webcam but too bad he wasn't online!

Sheau juin - my first guinea pig for hot foot bath ( whoopss sorry sheau juin i dun mean to say that you have any resemblens to pig. I think.)
Yeah, red pail contains really nice and warm HOT water and blue scoop contain ICY COLD WATER!!! *shrieks*

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