Monday, April 23, 2007

Will you only just look at Him?

Mind, Character and Personality
Pg 343

"Something Better" - The law of true living
... When once the gaze is fixed upon Him (God), the life finds its center.
The enthusiasm, the generous devotion, the passionate ardor, of the youth find
here their true object. Duty becomes a delight and sacrifice a pleasure. To
honor Christ, to become like Him, to work for Him, is the life's highest
ambition and its greatest joy.

Often in our lives we look at things other than God. We look at the materialistic rather than things that are of eternal importance. Food, clothes, people, money, fame and fortune insidiously dominate our minds. Oh, how many even desire to place their eyes on God?

If only people look unto the Supreme Being for direction, for guidance and for correction, will they find navigating through this chaotic world unchallenging. We are like a magnetic compass. Worldly pursuits and cares of the world are like magnets. When these magnets are brought close to the compass of our hearts, our needle will deviate away from the true North towards it. If we do not throw away the superficial for the supreme, we will never find the Right Direction.

If only we focus on God. By reading His Words, by praying to Him regularly and unceasingly and by including Him into every activity of your day will we find that we have a true object. The enthusiasm, generous devotion and passionate ardor of our youth will have a truly worthwhile aim. If all we see is Christ, the tedious and mundane things in life become a delight. Looking at how Christ perfectly did every duty He had and knowing that the host of heaven is watching your deeds, doing faithfully your honest part will give you satisfaction beyond measure. Even responsibilities that you feel will crush you under its pressure will give you joy. Even if you resent having such duties, you will obtain happiness doing it. Only if you look to Christ.

One very touching thing that was said was that all heaven thought that it would be too great a sacrifice for Jesus, which is God, to become an angel. What more an infinite God to become a finite man? Our human minds may not comprehend this. Yet, Jesus said He felt that it was a honor for Him to make this sacrifice for men. Mind-blowing? If we truly understand how much the King of Kings and Lord of Lords had to give up to save us, there will be no sacrifice too great and no self-denial too demanding to make for our savior. But to give up something for the God I love would be my pleasure and privilege.

Friend if only we cast our eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith then "to honor Christ, to become like Him, to work for Him, (would be) the life's highest ambition and its greatest joy."

Will you only just look at Him?

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