Sunday, September 09, 2007

Muggerful weekend turns into Wonderful weekend!

After reading a very interesting article by Sumiko Tan on the Straits Time *yes lifestyle in the Reflect section* I got inspired to start writing my views online for the viewership of my friends.

Somehow my frontal lobe, where reason and rational, lies, is screaming "stop wasting your time and start mugging!" whereas my lower powers of desire and appetite, say, "if it feels good just do it". So I am here typing out my little takes on life in this little blogosphere for no apparent good reward other than enjoyment.

Evidently from the title, I have not been ideally spending time like a good university student would. Good university students spend majority of their time on school work and a lesser amount of time doing practically nothing. (oh no the struggle going on in my mind stated in the second paragraph is too strong! i can't concentrate on blogging!!!)
Incentive for blogging is too low. Cost is too high. Term paper, research paper, tutorials, readings, arggg. Incentive-driven me is taking hold!

i'm going to practice piano. To de-stress and yes, do nothing about the insurmountable workload.

Seriously, if this blog is going to be resurrected, it would mean two things: I am having holidays or I'm being paid to blog.

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