Saturday, November 03, 2007

Karen as Youth Leader next year.

Hi all. Usually I don't blog much as you can see, but suddenly i feel that communication is really important (ahem, maybe after taking Communication studies). I also realised that there are many parts of me that is simply hidden. or is it? *shrugs* usually i don't bother much about what the general people think of me, but now that i'm in the youth leadership i think its very important to let people know me more and better. Rather than be some vague skinny figure.

#1 thing to know about me is that i love God and want to make Him happy. So after i realised that God wants me to take on this leadership, (how i know is a different story which i will tell another time) I decided that i will do my best according to His will. How i find out God's will in the really functional aspects is usually through His prophet's writings.

This is what i've found:

Solemn Responsibility--Solemn are the responsibilities resting upon those who are called to act as leaders in the church of God today.--Acts of the Apostles, p. 92. {ChL 2.1}

Demands Measured by Influence--Heaven is watching to see how those occupying positions of influence fulfill their stewardship. The demands upon them as stewards are measured by the extent of their influence.--Gospel Workers, p. 495. {ChL 2.2}

Responsibility of Leadership No Child's Play--The position occupied by my husband is not an enviable one. It requires the closest attention, care, and mental labor. It requires the exercise of sound judgment and wisdom. It requires self-denial, a whole heart, and a firm will to push matters through. In that important position God will have a man to venture, to risk something; to move out firmly for the right, whatever may be the consequences; to battle against obstacles, and waver not, even though life be at stake.--Testimonies, Vol. 1, p. 320. {ChL 2.3}

I feel the pressure already but i know if it is His will then He'll teach me how.

BRATZ i love you guys. =)

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