Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Is God speaking to me?

After going for umpteen mission trip, I knew I liked being a missionary.

Especially after watching an inspiring sermon about media missionary by David Gates. I wanted to be God instrument in bringing the gospel to the world through the voice of media.

Through university, I learnt the craft but now with graduation looming (not to mention, final year project crashing down), I came back to thinking about what I'm doing all these for. I explored two other volunteer stints - one in malaysia and another in Australia, but both seemed like they had enough hands, at the time I asked.

But God seems to be showing me the way. These two girls, the hanaway sisters seem to be God's lil' providential guidance to point me in a certain direction.

PAMAS is where they worked and somehow, things all clicked.

I just submitted my application!

Please pray for me!

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