Sunday, November 06, 2011

Friends of your youth

"Friends made in the days of your youth are more precious than any friend that you can make later in your life."

I was particularly intrigued by this statement made by an adult I spoke to today.

"Does it mean that it's not the number of year that you know each other, not the quality of the memories forged together that really matters but the time period in which you met and formed close friendships with that person?" I questioned.

"Yes", was the answer I got. "A friend that you've watched grow and change to become the person they are now. You witnessed their first times, their blunders, their maturing, their figuring out life, their achievements and their life played out in their fullness.

There is so much history. The bonds are so strong. Even if you guys move on to other places, when you meet again, it's just like old friends. The feeling never changes.

Even if someone becomes a CEO, greatest scientist, teacher, doctor, lawyer, journalist, trader, etcetra, none of that appears in your friendship. It's just old friends meeting old friends.

Friends you meet later on in your life, colleague, bosses, business partners, all come with a status. A friend that you form then is kind of different. Never the same feeling like old friends.

Treasure your old friends."

What words of wisdom from the wise.

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