Tuesday, June 29, 2004

As a full time student, studying is my responsibility. I have a commitment to it and I am accountable for it.

Dear Diary

I'm supposed to be studying my chemistry right now but i'm not. I guess i've been neglecting you and alot of my friends lately. i feel quite bad and rather sorry for myself. That i have to stay at home all day to do my work. but then again, it is actually my on my own choice that i am at home. who can keep me in? I'm wondering to myself, "why am i keeping myself in to study when i just wallow my mind in self pity?"
i should just go out shopping if i want to right? why keep thinking about going out if i have decided to keep myself in and stardee? okaes, i will go and study now, and i will focus my attention on my work and my work only.

Thanks fer listening ter my one sided conversation most beloved diary. =)


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