Monday, December 06, 2004

Update on my life

Okok, i knoe, i haven't blogged in like ages... well, i'm going ter start working tml as church clerk for the rest of my hols. amazing thing is, the timing totally suits my shedule, it's 9.00am to 12.30pm! mondays to friday. for $7.11111 per hour. talk about God's blessing, he realli knoes how to create opportunities fer me and i'm totally grateful to himm for that!

oh i juz have ter mention this, shannon, sat night i tot that that was the day you had da best hair day. wad did you do to your hair? did you go for treatment of something? heehees, didn't have da chance ter tell u then.

Man, onli after i skated again did i realise how much i missed ice skating! i had a whole lot of fun yesterday at jurong east wif a group of fun loving, peace keeping, relationship cherishing and most importantly, God loving people! I love you guys!!!

my hols have been fulfilling thus far, spent in seminars, lavalava island and in fellowship.These simple programmes have given me much chance to experience how much love i'm getting from the people around me. truely, i love my life and i thank God for it!

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